buku + Amadeus

Amadeus HotSOS Housekeeping Integration

The integration makes digital tipping faster with automation!

The one stop shop for all information
The integration will allow for a “one stop shop” for all information pertaining to housekeeping/tasks/tips.
Scalability for brands and management companies
Allows digital tipping to scale to large brands and management companies that have familiarity with the HotSOS user interface.
Ease of use
Communication will simplify between technologies. This can eliminate the manual process of checking who cleaned which room (which causes longer turnaround times).
Faster and more efficient
Disbursement speed and efficiency will increase for digital tips.
Increase employee engagment
Increased the engagement for employees already using the Amadeus HotSOS technology. Ensuring housekeepers are attentive and educated on the product if tips are involved.
More Flexibility for Payments and Reporting
The management team can decide the cadence of disbursement and reporting without having to reach out to the vendor.

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