Digital tipping sees 133% increase with better signage

Digital tipping sees 133% increase with better signage

The first 100 days after implementing digital tipping can be pretty exciting. Service employees start to see tips coming through the digital platform, cash tips can actually increase, and hotel managers start to gather star ratings and valuable guest feedback.

When tracking key performance indicators for one of our larger hotel clients during their first 100 days, we noticed the volume of housekeeper tips were coming in at a slower rate than expected.

While most guests are not familiar with digital tipping as of yet, QR code signage has become almost ubiquitous so there’s a certain threshold we’ve become accustomed to over the past year or so.

After brainstorming with our client’s head of operations and director of housekeeping, we decided to experiment with the in-room signage starting with the 10th floor.

While there are many in-room signs to choose from: mirror clings in the bathroom, back-of-the-door, and business cards, to name a few, we upgraded from their paper coasters with a QR code to acrylic coasters. See the examples below.

The collateral we installed was a 5×5 inch acrylic coaster, similar to what you see in the image above. These were placed either on bedside tables or end tables in living areas.

While not the cheapest signage, they did prove super effective.

Over the next 43 days, the floor’s number of tips exploded by 133%. 

Better collateral. Better tips.

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Jason Emanis
Jason Emanis

Jason is a hospitality tech veteran, manages buku's marketing efforts, and produces and hosts their podcast, Soundbites with buku. You can email Jason at

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