Cashless Tipping And A Vision to Boost Pay

Randy Freidus, Director of Operations and Co-Owner of the Cambridge School of Culinary Arts, wanted to boost his chefs’ pay with cashless tipping, but not just in any old way.

In the video below, Randy describes how we helped him realize his unique vision for deploying cashless or ‘digital’ tipping.

Though inflation was skyrocketing the cost of operations, Randy wanted to increase the earning potential of his chefs without hitting his wage rate.

He didn’t want to necessarily deploy in the same manner as most of our clients. See more about digital tipping here.

After all, his was a school not a hotel, events venue, or carwash.

With the help of his Customer Success Manager, Tiya, his vision came to fruition.

In the classrooms, customers see one sign promoting that cashless tips are accepted.

Those wanting to tip their instructor, scan the QR code on the sign that sends them to a landing page on the school’s website where all the chef’s photos and names reside.

Culinary school's webpage to cashless tip instructor chefs.

The customer clicks a link next to the name and photo of their instructor that sends them to the buku digital tipping page customized with the school’s logo and colors.

It’s been well received by customers, chefs are loving it, and they’re averaging $20 tips.

Book your demo today to learn what cashless tipping can do for your service workers.

Jason Emanis
Jason Emanis

Jason is a hospitality tech veteran, manages buku's marketing efforts, and produces and hosts their podcast, Soundbites with buku. You can email Jason at

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