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Simple, fast cashless tipping for hotels

Our digital tipping platform puts more money in the pockets of your service employees while providing valuable guest feedback.

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buku customer testimony

''It's something that gets extra money in the pockets of housekeepers without coming out of your wage rate.''

- Darin Cisneros, Dir. of Finance & Accounting, Terratron, Inc.

Guests no longer carry cash. No problem.

Cashless guests enter a tip on their smartphone browser, rate their experience, and leave a comment—all in about 30 seconds.

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Increase Take-Home Pay
Digital tipping adds to employee pay without negatively impacting your hotel’s wage rate.
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Tip With Digital Wallet
Guests tip using Apple Pay, Google Pay, or credit card right from their smartphone.
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Gather Guest Feedback
Our customizable tipping confirmation screen allows guests to rate their experience and leave a comment.
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Transactional Reporting
Every tip is documented for transparency, accuracy, and security.
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buku digital tipping

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